Tom Hager

Sports Writer at Moscow-Pullman Daily News

“The hours at a newspaper can often be crazy, but Christopher showed a willingness to cover whatever events we needed.”

Tom Hager letter of recommendation


Beth Maiman

Junior Writer at Sports Illustrated

“But the best thing about Chris is his work ethic and passion for journalism. These are two characteristics he has which make him stand out amongst his peers.”

Beth Maiman letter of recommendation


Lori Shontz

Journalism Instructor at the University of Oregon

“He delved into the archives and found the game stories from Johnson’s matches in the 1910s—and he analyzed the coverage himself.

That’s the kind of deep research and commitment that Chris brings to his journalism, as well. Those characteristics will make him a strong addition to any newsroom.”

Lori Shontz letter of recommendation


Dr. Peter Laufer

James Wallace Chair Professor in Journalism at the University of Oregon

“Were I hiring for a newsroom position that required a colleague who could step in and from the first hour on the job take direction and produce audience-ready stories, Christopher Keizur would be my model for such a role.”

Peter Laufer letter of recommendation